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​Side Note

Side Note is a lightweight and intuitive Chrome extension designed to enhance your note-taking experience. With Side Note, you can easily capture and organize your thoughts, ideas, reminders, and important information right from your browser.

Data Privacy Policy

(In short, your data is yours)

We're thrilled to have you on board. SideNote is a passion project created and maintained by enthusiastic individuals who are dedicated to enhancing (their messy) personal workflow. We want to make sure you have an amazing experience while using our tool, so we've put together this Data Policy to address any concerns you may have.

  1. Your Privacy: We value your privacy and want you to know that we don't collect any Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Your personal details are none of our business! We believe in keeping things simple and secure.

  2. Notes and Storage: Rest assured, your notes are safe and sound! We don't host any data on our end, which means we can't track or access the brilliant ideas and musings you jot down. Instead, we rely on the Chrome Storage API, which works just like your trusty bookmarks. So, your notes are stored locally and only accessible to you.

  3. Sensible Suggestions: While we strive to create a secure environment, it's always a good idea to play it safe. We recommend refraining from saving sensitive information in SideNote. Think of it as your digital sticky notes board rather than a secret vault.

  4. More Data Details: If you're hungry for more information about how we handle data, please take a look at our comprehensive Data Policy below. It covers everything you need to know in a bit more detail.

  5. Stay in Touch: We love hearing from our community! If you have any questions, want to report pesky bugs, or simply want to say hi, please use the contact method provided below. We're here to help and make SideNote even better with your feedback.

Once again, thank you for choosing SideNote Chrome Plugin to enhance your personal workflow. We're here to make your note-taking journey delightful and productive!​

Team Mygic

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